At the age of 34 I was diagnosed with prehypertension, an all too real indicator that if I didn’t make some lifestyle changes I was a prime candidate for high blood pressure. At that time I didn’t realize my health had deteriorated so drastically, but when I now look back at photographs of myself during those years it is obvious that somewhere along the way a few too many cookies had found their way into my lunch box!

As a professional in the field of information technology (which required me to be on call 24 hours a day), a husband, and a father of 3 children I didn’t have a lot of free time to spend on exercise. Additionally, I lived in a small house with no extra room for bulky exercise equipment and I wanted to get fit in as little amount of time as possible with as little effort as could be applied. So I set out on a journey to find a solution that would fit into my busy schedule and small living space.

Along the way I came across some very interesting pieces of exercise equipment and even joined my local gym. Ultimately, the knowledge I gained from my experiences allowed me to develop a program and a home gym solution that not only fit into my schedule, but also fit into my small living space. In fact as far as the amount of space required is concerned I dubbed my solution the Invisible Home Gym, because it is virtually invisible to the unsuspecting passer by. In the end I had developed a program that took me from the worst shape in my life to the best shape in my life in a relatively short amount of time.

Keep reading to find out how you too can get into the best shape of your life without joining a gym or breaking the bank or filling your home with unsightly exercise machines!

Learn my BodySculpting and best abdominal workout techniques by downloading my ebook at http://www.barstoolbody.com and be on your way to a healthier happier you, starting today!

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