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Are you getting the maximum benefits from your workouts or are you are just wasting your time and efforts? Since the major principle of my book is to develop an exercise program that provides noticeable results with minimal effort in the shortest amount of time possible, I’ve given much thought to this topic and I’m guessing the thought has crossed your mind at some point as well. Even if the thought has never occurred to you before, I feel I would be doing you a huge injustice not to mention dishonoring the premise of my book if I didn’t tell you about one of the most valuable tools you should have in your backpack.

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Get the most out of your cardiovascular training!

Before I discuss the tool, please bear with me as I lay out a few basic ground rules.

1. Evaluate your current physical condition and check with your doctor before starting any exercise program or attempting to perform any new exercise or strenuous movement.

2. You are unique and so is your particular number. Your number will be based on several factors unique to your current physical condition. This might best be determined by your doctor, so when you are being evaluated in step above ask you doctor to help you determine your number.

3. As your fitness improves, reevaluate your number and adjust it accordingly.

4. Keep things simple, otherwise you won’t use the tool effectively or even more importantly, you won’t stay with your exercise program.

5. Use the tool!

OK, so what is this super tool? Well, the tool isn’t necessarily an item in and of itself, but rather a measurement and subsequent technique(s) to perform the measurement. And the value you are concerned with your heart rate.

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