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Eating is essential to sustaining life and incidentally it is also one of the most enjoyable sensations we can experience. When I think of the top 5 things I couldn’t live without (no pun intended), the top 5 things that bring joy to my senses, apart from the obvious necessity of it, eating tops the list.

Unfortunately, eating incorrectly can and did have the opposite effect on my healthy happy self.

Obviously we all have to eat and we all have our preference of dining experiences and tastes. I’m fortunate to live in an area where the economy is primarily driven by tourism and as a result the restaurant industry is flourishing. Driving to work which is a relatively short 15 minute commute, I pass nearly a hundred restaurants of various cuisine. From mom and pop pancake cabins to convenience store grills to national fast food chains to Five Star dining establishments I pass by many, many restaurants which are sure to please the most finicky of pallets.

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I said that I’m fortunate to live here and now that I know how to eat appropriately I truly am fortunate, but prior to my prehypertension diagnosis I wasn’t so fortunate. I mean although I was at that time surrounded by restaurants such as I am today I didn’t know how to eat appropriately.

For me it was and still is a struggle to eat properly.

I love hamburgers and I’ve made it sort of a personal quest to find the best burger in America. Well, I haven’t really traveled abroad, so I suppose for now I’ll concede to confining my quest to the southeast.

While I’ve had some awesome sit-down restaurant burgers made from choice cuts of ground steak, I don’t really count those as true hamburgers. All things considered Hardee’s has the best selection of mouth watering juicy 5 pound burgers at a single stop, but I’ve not yet found a burger that can compete with the flavor combination of the iconic Burger King Whopper. Additionally, I’ve had some exceptionally tasty burgers from a couple of convenience store grills here in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

OK, sorry to go off on that tangent.

On top of my burger quest sweets and junk food were staples of my daily menu. Chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, ice cream drowned in gallons of hot fudge, and greasy potato chips found their way into my lunch box and onto my lap as I vegged out in front of the television. To make matters worse I was partaking of these tasty treats in the late hours of the evening and night.

How often do you get hungry for a late evening/night snack and opt to reach for the easily accessible cookie jar and engulf half a dozen cookies before your hand leaves the jar? That was me.

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