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Are you getting the maximum benefits from your workouts or are you are just wasting your time and efforts? Since the major principle of my book is to develop an exercise program that provides noticeable results with minimal effort in the shortest amount of time possible, I’ve given much thought to this topic and I’m guessing the thought has crossed your mind at some point as well. Even if the thought has never occurred to you before, I feel I would be doing you a huge injustice not to mention dishonoring the premise of my book if I didn’t tell you about one of the most valuable tools you should have in your backpack.

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Before I discuss the tool, please bear with me as I lay out a few basic ground rules.

1. Evaluate your current physical condition and check with your doctor before starting any exercise program or attempting to perform any new exercise or strenuous movement.

2. You are unique and so is your particular number. Your number will be based on several factors unique to your current physical condition. This might best be determined by your doctor, so when you are being evaluated in step above ask you doctor to help you determine your number.

3. As your fitness improves, reevaluate your number and adjust it accordingly.

4. Keep things simple, otherwise you won’t use the tool effectively or even more importantly, you won’t stay with your exercise program.

5. Use the tool!

OK, so what is this super tool? Well, the tool isn’t necessarily an item in and of itself, but rather a measurement and subsequent technique(s) to perform the measurement. And the value you are concerned with your heart rate.

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As a teenager I spent a lot of time exercising with traditional homegym equipment. In my parent’s basement I had a weight bench fully equipped with free weights, a straight bar, a curling bar, dumb bells, and leg curling machine. I also had a larger machine that used heavy duty resistance bands and it even had a butterfly chest machine.

While these machines and equipment were effective they also took up a lot of space. In my parent’s basement space wasn’t really an issue, but when I moved out from under my parent’s roof and into my own place space was no longer a luxury. That’s when the idea for a compact home gym came to me.

I realize that I could have gotten around the necessity for more space by joining my local gym and in fact that’s exactly what I did.

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At first it was great. The gym was equipped with every machine imaginable and I could work muscles most of us don’t even have! Unfortunately, after the initial excitement wore off I found myself going to the gym less and less. And as my family began to grow and the responsibilities of being a husband and father were weighing on me it became increasingly difficult to fit time for exercise into my daily routine. So I went looking for a solution that would allow me to exercise at home.

I tried several options including an interesting “door-gym” which was a device made of a set of pulleys that attached to the top and bottom of a door. Long resistance bands with loops on each end were stretched between the pulleys and you connected handles through the looped ends of the resistance bands which allowed you to perform several exercises. This was my favorite of the devices I tested and was really quite clever, but it’s one limitation was the resistance bands couldn’t provide enough resistance to be very effective.

Additionally, I found a few devices that were exceptional for a few specific exercises, but were limited to working only those specific groups of muscles for which they were designed.

As I continued to search for the perfect compact gym I soon realized that a complete all-in-one machine didn’t exist. And among the devices that did work well there were a few muscle groups that were being overlooked altogether.

Then it hit me. Instead of trying to find a single machine that works every muscle group why not use the devices that work the individual muscle groups best. And then combine them to form the ultimate compact homegym. Thus the idea for the Barstool Body Backpack Gym was conceived.

As you will soon see the Backpack Gym isn’t necessarily a device that can be handled as a single entity, but rather it is a concept comprised of exercise and non-exercise equipment complementing each other in such a way as to construct the ultimate home gym for compact spaces. Optimal effectiveness of the Backpack Gym requires that some of the components of the gym be utilized for additional functions beyond those for which they were initially designed.

Throughout the book I layout the various components of the gym and walk you through the steps to construct the ultimate compact home gym.

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